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Save time, money and resources with Journal research publication

Save Time & Money With Journal Research Publication

Are you facing problems with handling research publications? Handling research papers, authors and reviewers are taking too much time? Can’t you finish your work on time? Is your staff facing a communication gap? 

If you are looking for answers to the above questions, then this article is perfect for you. Here, you will find answers to all the above questions.

I have tested most desktop-based research publication house softwares. Some software comes with errors. Some software comes with limited options. Not a single software works dynamically and online. There is some web development agency that tries to make research publication house websites but does not provide proper results.

Because of all these problems, just a few people are opening research publication houses. Without proper software or tools, no one can manage staff and work. Without proper software or sites, your time, money, & resources are being wasted. I have found its solution, which will save your time, money, and resources.

One year ago, I purchased the Journal Research Publication WordPress Plugin. I have Created my research publication house website and installed this plugin. You won’t believe it, but it saved my time, money, and resources. Now my staff has no communication gaps. I can easily manage reviewers, and reviewers can easily manage journal papers. Now authors can submit their papers fast without making any errors. This year, my publishing house’s profit increased by 80% through the Journal Research Publication WordPress Plugin. 

The following will tell you how this plugin can help you save time, money, and resources.

  • Authors can directly submit their research papers online, using the Article Submission Page. There is no manual interaction, so it saves your staff time. 
  • Admin can distribute articles to reviewers easily, fast and accurately.
  • A reviewer or admin can verify an article’s credibility and adds review for it.
  •  Admin can verify, edit, or update reviews submitted by reviewers.
  •  Authors can easily check article’s status using know article status page.
  • If reviewer accepts any article then author has to submit copyright documents and a payment receipt.
  • Admin can verify copyright doc and payment receipt from Admin Side. 
  • After verification, Admin will upload a formatted article PDF and change the status to “Published” to Make it LIVE.

Because of these benefits, I saved money, time, and resources. My Business Grown Fast. Invest in technology and grow with internet speed. Now I am not facing any issues in handling a research publication house. Handling research papers, authors, and reviewers are too easy. Now me and my staff can complete work before the deadline and my staff is not facing any communication gap problems.

WordPress is the easiest CMS, and so you can make your own website and install Journal Research Publication WordPress Plugin.

As per my opinion Journal Research Publication WordPress Plugin is the best for those who want to grow fast and who want to save time, money, and resources.

I think, as an owner of a research publication house, you must try it. You must try the demo version. 

Kindly provide your opinion on this article and on Journal Research Publication WordPress Plugin. If you are still reading this article ; means you are interested in growing your research publication house. You are interested in saving time, money, and resources.

 Do not think much, try the Journal Research Publications WordPress Plugin today.

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