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Journal Research Publication WordPress Plugin Admin Features

Introducing Journal Research Publication – Version 3.0

The World’s First Research Publication WordPress Plugin.

A WordPress Plugin Specially Designed for Creating Research Publication House Websites.

Just install it on your WordPress Website & Follow the Setup Wizard STEPS.

Features that make the Plugin Extra Ordinary are;

  • Web Forms
  • A New User Type “Reviewer”
  • Reviewer Management
  • Extra Fields for Article Submission Form
  • One Click Migration

The Most Amazing Features are Customizable Article Submission Form and Email Notifications. 

As an Admin / Publisher you can Manage Reviewers, Accept Articles from Authors & publish it on Desired Volume-Issues.

The Plugin also has some handful Features for Authors/End Users. It Includes Know Article Status, Copyrights Doc Transfer/Verification Page etc.

Now, In Version 3.0; Reviewers gets a “Standalone User type”. So that Admin can manage them efficiently.

Think about being a Publisher & Add Value to Research & Education System.


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