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Invest In Technology

How to invest in technology as a research publication house

Table Of Content

  1. Preamble
  2. Your Problems
  3. Why Should You Invest In Technology?
  4. Examine your business’s needs
  5. Perform a functional requirements analysis
  6. Invest In Hardware
  7. Invest In Software
  8. Start a Website
  9. Invest In Mobile Apps
  10. Invest In Digital Marketing.
  11. Conclusion

1. Preamble:

Nowadays, every sector uses technology and automation, which is a very good thing. Technology helps us in improving our work and complete it fast and accurately.

In this competitive time, if we do not invest in technology, then we have to shutdown our offices.

2. Your Problems: 

Does your work remain pending for several days?  Do you have enough data to improve the business? Are writers, reviewers and other clients not happy with your style of work? Want to invest in technology for your research publication business ? 

If you want to invest money in computer hardware, software, networking, and digital marketing to enhance your research publication business profit, then this is the right article for you.

  3.Why Should You Invest In Technology?

  • You can work easily with fewer employees. 
  • Reviewers and authors can apply for work online.
  • Admin can distribute articles to reviewers as per their speciality.
  • Authors can view their article status online.
  • Admin can receive and make Online payment.
  • Technology can boost productivity of company..
  • It can reduce your costs and improve profitability. 
  • It can save your time, money and resources.
  • Technology helps you in improving communication with clients and employees.
  • It improves customer service.
  •  By using the plugins, you can generate hours of reports in seconds.
  • Digital marketing helps you target your Audience. It also helps to get detailed analysis of your marketing Campaigns.
  • You can also work remotely.
  • Security software makes your data safe and password protected. 

4. Examine your business needs:

  • Before investing in technology examine your business needs.
  • Analyze your competitors.
  • If you can not decide what your needs are a publication house you can contact Hyvikk Solutions.
  • Hyvikk Solutions is a Reputed Web + Mobile Development Company. Team Hyvikk will help you out.

5. Perform a functional requirements analysis

  • Confirm your software, website and mobile app functionality needs.
  • Make a list of Features you require in it.
  • Analyze your competitor’s Software/Website/Mobile Apps..
  • If you still can’t decide what your functional requirements are, you can contact Hyvikk Solutions.
  • They will discuss with you every aspect of your business and advise you on what is best for you.
  • Hyvikk Solutions will provide you proper and perfect guidance as per your publication business terms.

6. Invest in hardware

6.1 Laptop /  Desktop: 

  • Laptops and desktops are the basic needs of today’s world. 
  • Both have pros and cons but after the corona pandemic, I suggest buying laptops. 
  • You can buy laptops or desktops as per your requirements.

6.2 Internet Router: 

  • The Internet is very much important. 
  • These days, without internet connection;  the desktops, laptops, and mobile phones are useless. 
  • To get the data Connectivity; you have to purchase Internet Connection along with a router.
  • There are a variety of routers available in the market. Buy a Suitable and Appropriate Router that fits with your ISP Configuration.

6.3 Printers: 

  • Its a Basic thing to have a printer either Color OR Black & White to run any Business.
  • There are many types of printers available on the market. 

6.4 Battery Backup: 

  • A battery backup is essential to work during power-cuts. When electricity goes off due to storms and rains; it will be a Life Saver for your Business.
  • An inverter should be purchased to continue working.

6.5 Use Modem Or Switch For Internal Network: 

  • To connect desktops and laptops internally, buy a modem or switch.

7. Invest in software

7.1 Office Software: 

  • Nowadays, there are lots of free and paid office software available in the market.
  • Every software has its own unique Specialty and functionality.
  • office software helps us to make excel sheets, documents, and presentations.

7.2 Graphics Software:

  • To present your project or your work, graphic design software is very important.
  • Nowadays some websites also provide graphic design services.
  • There are free and paid graphic design software available in the market.
  • To make your work attractive you should invest in graphics design software.

7.3 Security Software: 

  • Many types of computer viruses are available in the world which can harm your software and data.
  • It can crash your system, hack your projects, steal your money, and destroy all your data.
  • Security software helps you protect your money and work from hackers.

7.4 Internal Chat Software: 

  • There are free and paid versions of internal chat software available in the market.
  • you can use it for internal communication. Only people from your office can chat using the Software.

7.5 Custom Software: 

  • If you are not happy with ready-made softwares / Web Apps and want custom one then you can contact Hyvikk Solutions.
  • Hyvikk Solutions will make custom software / Web apps for you, as per your need in comprehensive costs.

7.6  Plagiarism Software: 

  • Plagiarism software helps you in verifying Authenticity of Content.
  • It is an Important Software and Tool for Managing Publication House.
  • You can Verify content of author’s Article(s), find Content Uniqueness in Percentage(%).

8. Start a Website

8.1 Static Website:

  • A static website is a webpage that shows only the data that is fitted on it.
  •  Static websites can not show any data that you have stored somewhere.
  • It is Not Recommended for a Business who have ever changing Product OR Website Information.
  • To create static websites, you can contact Hyvikk Solutions, they will help you develop your Website.

8.2 Dynamic Website

  • Dynamic website contains information that changes, depending on viewer, as per actions, location & time.
  • I recommend a dynamic website for research publication business.
  • To create a dynamic website, you can contact Hyvikk Solutions. They create responsive & attractive websites.
  • Dynamic Websites makes your Business Functions run Faster. You must invest in it.

8.3 Invest In WordPress Plugins

  • You can buy a ready-made WordPress plugin or you can fabricate a custom plugin.
  • WordPress plugins are simple to install and easy to use.
  •  Journal Research Publication WordPress Plugin is very popular plugin in research publishing industry.
  • It is specially designed & developed for research publication houses.
  • I think you must purchase it. It has many features that are most important for your publishing business.
  • I guarantee that your investment in the Journal Research Publication WordPress plugin will not go worthless. It will double your profit.
  •  Journal Research Publication WordPress Plugin is required for publishing business just as fertilizer is required for farming.

9. Invest In Mobile Apps

9.1 Android Mobile App

  • You can purchase an android app. It will also help you much in developing your business.
  • More than 72% of people in the world use Android mobile phones.

9.2 iOS Mobile App

  • Developing iOS mobile apps are expensive. But through it, you can get good customers who can pay you More. Most Business People uses iOS mobile phones.
  • 27% of people in the world use iOS mobile phones.

10. Invest In Digital Marketing

10.1 SEO

  •  SEO – A process of optimizing websites & its pages for search engines. SEO can helps in increasing traffic to your website through search engines.
  • To Improve Search Rankings, SEO is MUST.
  • More traffic means More clients.
  • SEO Helps in Increasing sales of your Product/ Services.

10.2 Online Ads

  • Google ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads and many others provides Online Paid Advertisement Platforms.
  • You can Use the Platforms to Advertise your Publication Website and its Services. It will show your ad. on Google Search, Facebook and Many other Connected Ad. Network Websites.
  • These Ad. Management tools have the Feature to Specify Target Audience. They have targeting options like location, age, gender, interest etc.

10.3 Social Media Marketing

  • Social media marketing – A Marketing Technique that helps your Business Grow on Social Media Platforms using Posts and Videos.
  • It can help you in Increasing Brand Value & Awareness.
  • The Success of Social Media Marketing Mainly Depends on Content and How Much you Spent with Respect to your Ad. Campaigns.
  •  Ad Platforms Provides Analytics Data to check performance of your Marketing Campaigns.

11. Conclusion:

As a research publication house, you should invest in above-mentioned points and make your publication user-friendly. I think If you have read this article so far, then you will surely be interested in investing in technology for your publishing business. Start your investment with the Journal Research Publication WordPress Plugin. It will help you a lot.

Hyvikk Solutions is the best I.T company in Bhavnagar. Hyvikk Solutions provides services like web design, web development, WordPress plugin development, custom software development, Android app development, iOS app development and digital marketing at a very reasonable cost.. If you want to know more about our services, you can contact us freely.

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