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Fleet Management Android App

Fleet Management Android App 2023 With Brand New Features

Are you a fleet business owner?

Looking for the Best Android Fleet Management App?

Searching details about the top Android Apps For Fleet Maintenance?

Don’t know how to Manage drivers ?

Here, is Fleet Manager App by Hyvikk Solutions. World’s Top Fleet Maintenance App to Resolve All your Fleet related Problems.

Current, Fleet Market is flooded with soo many Fleet Management Solutions. Most Companies offers a System (linux or windows based System) with Limited Set of Features.

To Resolve Fleet Business Issues; it is Important to discuss with Fleet Companies & Drivers. What we have done is Arranged a Cup of Coffee to Discuss with Several Fleet Companies, Spoke with Fleet Service Providers and Noted thoughts of Several Drivers. All these Discussions has helped Us to Identify Basic Workflow Issues & Feature Requirements for any Fleet Management Software.

Following that, The Fleet Management Android App has been developed with the best essential features for Fleet Business. Fleet Android App Focuses on All the User Types : Business Owners, Management Staff, Drivers & Customers.

++Latest Features of Fleet Management App++

Live Chat: It’s better to Chat on Fleet App then Whatsapp or telegram. Live Communication between Drivers and Back Office helps them manage any Emergencies like Accidents, Vehicle Break Down, Low Fuel, Tyre Punctured etc. They can easily communicate via same App and can also manage Chat history.

Driver’s Commission : Driver’s Commission is integral Part of Fleet Business. Manage Driver Payments Easily with Commission Module. You can Pay a Fixed Amount as Salary OR Certain Percent(%) Amount from Each Booking to Drivers. This all can be Managed over “Driver’s Commission” Module.

Paystack payment gatewayThe boundaries of the Internet should not apply to your company. You can take payments from clients who are located anywhere around the world with Paystack. Pricing can also be Displayed in USD. Paystack Accepts payments from any valid International cards.

Driver’s income-expense management : All the Information about Income & Expenses of Each Driver can be Managed here. These Records helps Back office Calculate Salaries OR Commissions After End of Each Month. This feature makes it the Best Fleet Management Software Solution For Android.

Time Configuration: Changing of Time Zone is Important for each Nations. Time Configuration helps you Select Time Zone on Which your Business Lies.

Many vehicles – One Driver & vice versa There are Some Business Model of Fleet Companies that Require Many Vehicles be Assigned / Managed by a Single Driver. In that Case, Fleet System must have Features to Assign Multiple Vehicles to a Single Driver and Vice Versa. Easily Bendable Solutions are more Useful than Strictly Validated One’s.

Global Module Search: When any Fleet System has Features more than 20, It is Required to have a Module Search Feature. You no longer need to scroll Each & Every Menus to find Specific Module. Just Type Module Name on “Module Search” Box & Done ! You will get List of Features Available with Similar “Search Text”.

Driver’s Payments : Driver’s Payment Module aids Backoffice / Fleet Managers, Manage Salaries and Commissions Monthly. It also includes a Detailed Report with All the Rides that Driver has Completed & Paid. There are numerous vital Reports that can be created for vehicle management android apps.

Track Driver’s Live location : A Real Time Monitoring of Vehicles is More Helpful than Calling Drivers Every time. Backoffice Managers can See Live Location of Each Vehicles which has been in Transit for any Ride OR Delivery. Live Tracking also helps them decide driver’s performance, check Vehicle Vitals and prevent Accidents + Breakdowns. This feature makes it the Best Fleet GPS Tracking App as there only few players who offers a live tracking system.


  • Any App that has all the Above Features makes it the Best Android Fleet Management Application. There are many Non-usable Fleet Apps on Playstore.

  • Hyvikk Solution‘s fleet app has all the essential Features Mentioned Above & Much More. So, Just type ” Hyvikk fleet manager” in the search box and Click on “Install” to check app Demo.

  • Hyvikk Solutions make the fleet management android app UP-TO-DATE with Latest Android OS Versions.

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Purchase Fleet Management Android App right Now !

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