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Ways to increase your vehicle efficiency | Hyvikk Solutions

8 Simple Ways To Increase Your Vehicle’s Fuel Efficiency

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Fuel prices have been rising steadily for the past few days. Inflation has also rised due to the Corona pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war. No one knows when this bad situation will return to normal. Fleet businesses have been hit the hardest by rising fuel prices, so today we will give you eight tips on how to save fuel.

Regular vehicle maintenance

A regularly maintained vehicle always gives a good performance. It consumes less fuel and gives the best performance in the long run. The maintained vehicle is always ready to go, so your uptime will increase, which will increase your profit. If you can not remember regular services, then buy fleet management services software. FMS provides you reminders so there is no possibility of forgetting.

Check tyre pressure regularly.

If your tyres do not have enough air pressure, then your vehicle will have to consume more fuel.  The tyres will also gets affected. Always confirm tyre air pressure before driving your vehicle. This way, you can save fuel. To check fuel usage, you can use the fleet management services software.

Keep a constant pace.

Some Drivers drive ruthlessly. They Drive vehicles in a manner that uses more fuel. Train your driver to maintain the speed of the vehicle. Constant motion can give you more mileage. Choose a better route where the driver does not have to apply more brakes or drive faster. Good Road Extends Life of Tyres.

Eliminate unnecessary goods from the vehicle.

Unwanted goods increase fuel consumption. Always try to eliminate unnecessary things. Sometimes a truck’s roof has too many things that decrease your mileage. Fuel has an impact on the whole country’s economy, so try to use less fuel.

Less use of AC and heat.

AC and heat use the engine’s power, and engine works on fuel. If you use more AC or heat, then your vehicle will use more fuel. Always try to wear clothes as per weather so you will not feel more heat or cold. Open the vehicle’s window, enjoy the natural environment, and use less fuel.

Avoid idling your engine.

To save fuel and money, stop your engine. Passive engines also Consume fuels. Stop your vehicle at each stop. Ask your driver to stop at each stop. Even if the driver stops for a short time, the vehicle should be stopped. which stops wastage of fuel.

Always plan ahead.

Choose the right route before starting your vehicle. Try to choose a route where the traffic is light. Try a round trip instead of many short trips that will save your fuel. Roads with less traffic allow you to reach your destination with less fuel.

Use report data to know fuel usage.

To learn about fuel usage, use report data. Reports can show you where your fuel is most used. How does the driver uses vehicles? How can you save fuel? You can check the mileage. Fleet management service software can help you get this report. Fleet management software provides many other reports that can help you gain more profit and maintain your fleet business.


Through the above points, you can decrease your fuel consumption, save money, and can make more profit. So why are you waiting? Buy Hyvikk’s fleet management service software today.

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